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Content marketing is a valuable resource for any startup, but doesn’t always come in cheap so it’s important to ensure that you are correctly tracking your Return On Investment (ROI) using industry standard metrics. This will help you and your marketing team understand what is working and what isn’t, so you can either double down on current efforts or explore new avenues to test as part of your marketing strategy.
Let’s go through a few different metrics you should be paying close attention to:
**1) Lead Generation**
The goal of content marketing is to generate inbound leads. This means people are actively seeking out your business as a result of your valuable content, which is different to outbound marketing where your business is seeking customers. Your content marketing strategy should offer enough value to nurture a potential customer into dropping their email address into a newsletter or blog signup – this is a lead. They have shown interest in your business and want to maintain a relationship with you: good job!
A good way of tracking this is by setting up a system to analyse the number of emails captured on your blog, so you can see how many leads are being generated as a result of your blog content efforts. You can either go one step further and track the exact article they were reading to see which article resonates with your audience the most!
**2) Unique Page Visits**
This is very important if you are running social media marketing to promote your content, or maintaining an active blog. Page views are important, but unique page views are even more important as it shows how many new people have found your website or blog, and tracking this on a monthly basis is a great way to see how your current marketing efforts are working for you.
Over time you will see a trend if your marketing efforts are increasing unique page visits every month, and this will help you decide how to proceed with content marketing, or whether it’s not working for you at all!
**3) Social Shares and Validation**
When you put out content, you’re hoping people will love it and share it with their friends, right? This is a great metric to keep track of, as the better content you put out and the better strategy you have for marketing and promoting the content, the more shares and social validation you will get! Be warned, you will need to put a lot of work in though promoting your content, but as long as it’s valuable it shouldn’t take too long to see results! Facebook and Twitter shares are the two we’d recommend tracking, and there is lots of software available for free like Add To Any which allows you to add a share widget to your blog pages and track those important shares.
Hopefully this has helped a little with a few ways to track your content marketing strategy and how to understand if your content marketing strategy is working or not!
We can lend a hand if you need any help, we specialise in this stuff at FullService (!