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It leads to Business Success: Try to  Avoid these 5 Killer Mistakes of Wannabe Entrepreneurs

Most people that try to start a business are not actually doing what they should be doing to start a business. This is a simple recipe which leads to business success.

Many things should be avoided – avoiding mistakes is an important part of the road which leads to business success.

I did some research and identified these key mistakes most of them have in common, and give quick tips how to avoid them.

1st Technique which leads to business success: Solving problems that are unimportant

Probably the most common mistake, quick to implement something they don’t spend any research and time to find out if their “solution” actually solves a problem that should be solved. Solution: Spend the time researching, learn smokescreen testing, funnels and market research techniques like questionnaires etc. That leads to business success.

2nd Technique which leads to business success: Stop focusing on fluff-stuff (i.e. pretty business cards, logos etc)

Getting distracted by nice-to-have items like cards and logos should be avoided at any cost. The reality is: If your product sucks a card won’t help. Create something that’s valuable and name and cards don’t matter. Solution: Focus on the product and use a simple readymade logo and name. You can always change it later. Goal is to avoid to look like shit, and keep it simple. Keep it simple and it leads to business success.

3rd Technique which leads to business success: Stop focusing on social media too much

Don’t fall into this trap. A good LinkedIn profile can be valuable if you use it for outreach and sales, but otherwise it’s just distraction. Don’t plaster the walls with your “CEO” title, as it won’t mean anything if your business has zero $ MRR. Solution: Use social media wisely and create a basic profile. Keep it that way until you get revenue and growth.

4th Technique which leads to business success: Don’t go on a Course-shopper spree

Getting courses to improve your skills is a good, but stay focused. Don’t make the mistake and buy too many courses, ebooks etc. They can also distract you! Solution: If you buy a course, finish it and reflect before you buy more. How did it change you? What will you do different from now on? Keep track with a little diary.

5. Technique which leads to business success: Stop doing too much networking

Yes there can be too much networking. Especially when you’re in an early phase and you don’t have clients yet. It’s ok to go to an event to get initial clients and some contacts, but be critical if you really need to spend a complete week in an exhaustive networking marathon. Solution: Go for one event initially, spend 6 hours, keep a list with clear goals like “Need to convert 3 paying customers”. Follow the goals to keep you accountable, which leads to business success.

Thats it for now, there is more, but these 5 mistakes can save you hours of time and thousands of $$ if you avoid them. That’s the path that leads to business success.