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How important is content in a digital marketing strategy?
Digital marketing is not easy, but one of the greatest ways of mastering digital marketing is through effective and well planned content marketing strategy. In a world where content is literally key to success, you need to really understand the ins and out on content and how to find or produce it.

Let’s look at 3 sources of great content and why it’s so important:

It adds value – this is a big one. Sales by nature is all about adding value, finding out people’s problems then offering them value that convinces them you are a the solution to their problem. Content is a very effective way of doing this. The more informative your content is, and the less it tries to sell your product or service, the more value potential customers will gain from it and therefore the better relationship they have with your brand.

It brings in traffic – when you reach a good level of content, you’ll likely start to see increased levels of web traffic to your blog and website. This is because your articles are ranking on Google for certain search terms, and that value is being discovered by a large audience searching for the solutions you are discussing in your content. Through effective conversion strategy, you can direct this increased traffic into sales funnels or to call to actions to either get them to sign up to your service, book a demo or in some way interact with your business.

It maintains a relationship with your clients – this is very important. Think about it this way, you have likely invested great time and money into getting people onto your blog or business website, whether that be through paid ads or building out a great blog full of valuable info. You do not want to waste this, so having consistent content tied to a subscription or newsletter is a great way to maintain a relationship with potential customers and remind them that you exist, even if they are not in a buying position yet.

It builds a community around your brand – building up a group of people who follow your brand and the content it produces is a great way to grow. Having a fanbase of people that love your work does wonders for sales, or at least helps spread the word to people that may want to buy from you.

If you need any help with strategy or content marketing, let me know and we’ll be able to help you nail the points above (and lots more!) to really boost those sales.