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Blogging has always been the focus of small time, stay at home mom and dad bloggers or travel bloggers looking to share their experiences with a wider audience. But as of recent years, businesses are finding themselves focusing a huge amount of resources and time on content marketing and value-add resources for their existing customers, but to also build a relationship with prospects.

B2B blogging has truly established itself as the go-to marketing space for startups with limited funds, but also for larger companies like Hubspot, Neil Patel, Buffer and other big names that understand building long lasting relationships in an industry is all centered around content marketing. Let’s take a look at some great examples of B2B blogs, and why they are effective:

HubSpot – this MIT founded marketing company has made a name for itself as the content marketing behemoth that dominates a lot of marketing blog space online. Publishing articles on customer loyalty, marketing strategies, tips for startups and other great value packed content allows this company to develop and maintain relationships with its customers, but also helps in pushing its brand name to a huge potential customer audience. Chances are, if you search for a marketing related article on Google you’ll find yourself on HubSpot’s blog at some point. Read their blog here.

Neil Patel – Neil Patel has made a name for himself in the marketing and SaaS industry, developing a personal business brand out of his huge array of knowledge of all things marketing, sales and outreach. As a UK angel investor, he offers tips on growing a business, user acquisition (great for early startups), getting investment as well as a host of other goodness. Take a look on his blog.

Salesforce – Salesforce’s sales software ecosystem is commonplace in Fortune 500 companies and smaller SME/startups. Their software offerings are backed up by a truly valubale content rich blog that really seems to understand its market, but also cater to a much younger startup market in order to attract new potential users. This is what makes it great – although widely used in Enterprise environments, a quick check brought up their latest article offering a ‘Beginner’s Guide To The 7 Steps Of The Sales Process’ – a piece of work perfect for new startups or solopreneurs.

For us, and many other companies, these 3 are really powerful content marketing powerhouses that set the bar very high for B2B blogging. What do you think of these, let me know?