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What is digital content marketing, and how is it different from traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing and digital content marketing are very different. Both in purpose and execution. What are the similarities? They spread a brand’s message across the internet. But there are big contrasts in how you use them for your business.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing uses old school (although relevant) forms of outreach. It uses cold leads and huge efforts on outreach. Digital content marketing on the other hand is not large on efforts. In traditional marketing a  business reaches out to the consumer. All These methods all fall under traditional marketing techniques: Cold emailing & follow ups Cold calling TV advertising Radio advertising Billboards The goal of traditional marketing is to put across a brand’s message in as little time as possible. Just think about the 30 second advertising space that large tech companies pay for a spot during the NFL Super Bowl halftime.  Or a 1 minute jingle and promotional message over the radio. In the same way work billboards on the side of the highway. They all have a very short amount of time to bring the brand’s message across.  People see around 4-5000 adverts per day in 2018. Thus it is very likely they will forget 99% of them. That’s why traditional marketing efforts are difficult to master in and not a good ROI if used wrong. Savvy marketers have invested huge effort and time to discover and use new forms of promotion. One of them is digital content marketing.

Digital Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing is inbound marketing. This means the lead (potential customer) approaches the business. This is achieved by adding value to the customer or lead. It can be done with blogging or sharing valuable content like interviews on certain topics, podcasts or presentations. Digital Content marketing is designed to offer the customer a way to build a positive relationship with the brand indirectly. At the same time it exposes them to the products of  the business. Often the customer will also signup for a newsletter or some other form of credential sharing. This in turn provides a warm lead to the business as they have been given the customers information voluntarily. These can likely then be used for marketing purposes. Digital Content Marketing is a good strategy if you want long lasting sources of traffic and sales. It can be done relatively cheap if you use content creation and placement techniques. Hope this helps, and let me us if you need any help with content marketing! We’d love to jump on a call. Take care, & If you are not sure how to use it, get a free analysis.

About the Author

Arne is the co-founder of FullService, a digital marketing agency for successful startups and Fortune 500 level companies.  He is a developer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. Arne has also founded a SaaS for Email Automation.